To ensure we can provide personalised and effective eating plans, a thorough assessment in your your first appointment is essential. This includes:

  • Assess your nutrition needs based on your medical history and lifestyle
  • Review your normal eating patterns, dietary intake and symptoms
  • Agree realistic goals that will improve your health and well-being
  • Assess your current motivation and barriers to change
  • Understand your food preferences to help us tailor our advise
  • Review your weight and dieting history

If you have booked our regular initial appointment, this is 45mins long. After the assessment, we will have 20 minutes to develop your personalised eating plan and explain how these changes can impact your health. (Teach a person to fish and they will eat for a lifetime!) For information about fees and gaps please click here.

If you have booked a bulk-billed appointment, this is 20 minutes long.  We must have a copy of your Care Plan from your GP before your appointment, otherwise you will be charged $54.60 and you can claim the rebate directly through Medicare. The appointment includes the assessment above which will usually takes around 15 minutes and the remaining few minutes of your appointment are used to agree a plan for the following review appointments. Detailed advice and meal plans will be covered in review appointments. If you would like detailed advise and meal planning in your first appointment please call to swap to a regular initial appointment (with a gap payment). 

To help speed up this assessment and save more time in your first appointment for the fun stuff please download  and complete our Diet and Symptom Assessment form using the button below. You can download to your computer and fill in electronically or print it out and fill it in.

Click here to download our diet and symptom assessment

Review appointments

The review appointments will incur a small gap payment (unless your dietitian confirms otherwise) and usually cover 1 or 2 topics or dietary changes including:

  • An explanation of why the changes will help
  • Lists of the best foods to choose
  • Eating plans to help you put the advice into action.

As you progress we review what went well and the areas you found challenging so we can give you other strategies to try. 

A word about change. If changing your habits were easy, then you wouldn’t be here (reading this). Change is hard for most human beings. Especially change that may take some patience before you start to see results.

We know from evidence and experience that small consistent changes  that you build upon over time are the ones that are most likely to ‘stick’.  If the change you are planning is too big or unrealistic for you right now, then you may well be setting yourself up to fail (which can leave you feeling a little unmotivated – we have all been there!). 

At My Nutrition Clinic we will set you up with a plan and keep adjusting it as you progress.  This ensures you develop the the lifelong behaviours and habits that will see you reach your goals… and stay there!!