Good nutrition allows you to reach your full potential.

Make the most of therapy and support with the right tools from our NDIS dietitian

Everyone, even those with impairments, should eat a healthy, balanced diet that meets their nutritional needs. Whether you have physical challenges, sensory sensitivities, or cognitive differences, nutrition from an NDIS dietitian is critical in promoting overall well-being and allowing you to take advantage of therapies and support to reach your full potential for independence and community engagement.


Good Nutrition: Enabling well-being and Independence

Mood and well-being: Consuming a well-balanced, nutrient-dense diet can boost mood and alleviate depressive symptoms.

Mobility and independence: Overweight is the leading cause of chronic health disorders such diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and cancer. The key to maintaining a healthy weight is to eat a good diet and exercise regularly.

Self-care and autonomy: Meal plans and shopping recommendations, for example, help people succeed while also giving them autonomy. The confidence obtained from employing these tools allows for more personal choice and the ability to take control of your own self-care.

Maximizing therapeutic benefits: A healthy mind and body can result in improved cognitive, behavioural, and physical health outcomes. Malnutrition can occur (even when overweight) due to a lack of appetite, little variety, or reliance on processed foods. Malnutrition can lead to reduced strength, cognitive abilities, behavioural and mental issues, and compromised immunity.

We welcome people with disabilities and support your nutritional needs to improve health and well-being. 

Some of the common reasons people with disabilities come to see our NDIS Dietitians: 

  • Meal plans for your individual needs and goals
  • Concerns about weight (over or under) that are affecting independence
  • Fussy eating and a limited range of foods eaten are affecting health
  • Gut and bowel issues that make leaving the house more difficult. 
  • Depression and low mood alongside a limited or poor diet
  • Nutrition for pressure injuries or wounds that are slow to heal
  • Support to obtain ready-made meals
  • Education and training for clients and their carers on nutrition topics such as:
    • label reading
    • good choices at the supermarket
    • simple recipes 
    • how to balance meals 
    • eating on a budget
    • healthy eating out
    • Healthy cooking strategies


Our fees are as per our fees page and will depend on who you see in our practice. We don’t charge different rates for NDIS funded clients.  Our hourly rate is based on our normal appointment fees.  You can see all of our fees here

We can no longer offer bulk-billed appointments due to the rising living costs and the level of skills and experience that our dietitians have. We want everyone to be able to access good quality health care so we offer a shorter initial appointment for those who need it. This reduces the initial outlay but there will be less time for us to provide eating plans and advice.  A shorter initial appointment will also lead to a shorter gap between follow-up appointments.  Have a look our fees to consider the best appointment type for you. The Medicare rebate is $58 (as at July 2023)

Click here for a full list of our fees

Fees and Rebates

You don’t need a referral to see a dietitian and you can still use private health for a rebate on the fees. A care plan from your GP is required to access Medicare rebates however. 

Yes some of our dietitians can visit you in your home. This is particularly useful if you have disabilities or health issues that prevent you from easily accessing our clinic or if your home provides opportunities for assessing your dietary intake or education e.g. meal/recipe development.   

If you are a DVA card holder with a referral from your GP or specialist, we can provide home visits without any gap payment. 

Otherwise, our fees for home visits are $110 for the first visit and $80 for subsequent visits. Visits that involve more than 20km travel one way will incur additional travel fees.  We also offer telehealth (phone or via Zoom) appointments. 

You can use NDIS funding to see our dietitians If you have a plan manager or are self-managed. When booking please provide your plan manager’s details including their contact number and email address for invoices.  

Our receptionist will give you call to pay over the phone either before or just after you appointment. For regular clients we may send an invoice for payment by electronic bank transfer. 

This varies depending on who you see. Some of our dietitians have a wait of up to 4 weeks where an others will be within a week. Please speak to our receptionist about the current wait times for the dietitian you have in mind. 

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After years of working with NDIS-funded clients, we’ve put together a package of our most popular NDIS dietitian services to address the nutrition needs of the majority of our customers. This package is offered over a 12-month period and contains a variety of tools and highly tailored resources to assist our clients in living their best independent lives!

Support coordinators can save time scheduling separate and ad hoc services while also ensuring that their clients have access to a comprehensive nutrition support programme. Individuals, care teams, and families will receive quarterly reports on progress and plans for the next quarter.

For additional information about our package and individual services, please contact our administrative team and request a service booklet.

How to Book

If you wish to include an NDIS dietitian in your care plan. Please call or book online (noting that it is NDIS funded). We’ll email you a registration form, programme information, and service alternatives.


Book online


We can support clients who are self or plan managed under the following support categories:

  • Core – Assistance with Daily Life – Therapy supports

  • Capacity Building – Improved Health and Wellbeing

  • Capacity Building – Improved Daily Living


We charge the same hourly rate for NDIS and non-NDIS clients.