Dr Cherie Hugo

Dr Cherie Hugo is an accredited practising dietitian and co-director of My Nutrition Clinic, with around 25 years of experience consulting with her team of My Nutrition Clinic dietitians to community, healthcare centres, hospitals and aged care organisations across Australia.

Cherie founded Lantern Alliance in 2013, a national aged care collaboration and action-based research and advisory initiative based at Bond University, focused on improving older Australian’s quality of life through the joy of good food. In 2018, Cherie completed her PhD which lead to the development of Lantern's evidence-based tools now actively used across industry (Epicure) to measure performance and guide success in the food (menu and mealtime quality), nutrition and dining experience.  This has been demonstrated this across over 100 aged care homes, in many, measuring the impact of My Nutrition Clinic's proactive dietetic services.

Cherie is currently the appointed advisor to the Australian Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission’s Food, Nutrition and Dining Experience guiding the transition to the new Aged Care Quality Standards. 

Linda Kilworth
Aged Care Dietitian

Linda Kilworth brings over 3 decades of experience to the My Nutrition Clinic aged care dietitian team. Linda has extensive experience across aged care, food service, menu design, education and management areas.

Lisa Greedy
Aged Care Dietitian

Lisa Greedy is an experienced aged care dietitian with specialist knowledge around dementia and dining and food science. Lisa provides dietetic services across a number of our aged care homes from the Whitsundays down to Brisbane region.

Petra Salo
Aged Care Dietitian

Petra Salo is a dietitian with a special interest in chronic disease prevention, weight management, mental health, older age nutrition and special diets such as vegetarian and vegan diets. Her goal is to bring life to the years and years to the lives of her clients. Petra provides dietetic services to a number of our South East Queensland and New South Wales sites.

Anne Clark, Aged care dietitian

Anne Clark
Aged Care Dietitian

Anne Clark is both an aged care dietitian and part of the Lantern Alliance Epicure team. Through these roles, Anne has an appreciation for the complexities of the aged care food and nutrition system and understanding of the needs of the older person. She is passionate about improving their quality of life through her knowledge of the aging process, chronic conditions and nutritional needs of the older person.

Alana Chaplin
Aged Care Dietitian

Alana Chaplin is an aged care dietitian with past experience in the hospitality and aged care carer areas. Alana brings her knowledge across the hospitality and care roles to deliver pragmatic dietetic advice to aged care homes in South East Queensland.

Breeanna Marks
Aged Care Dietitian and Chef

Breeanna Marks is an experienced aged care chef and accredited practising dietitian. Breanna brings her food service expertise and understanding of the aged care system to her role as accredited practising dietitian across a number of our aged care homes.

Some of the ways we can help:

  • Individual Consultations with Residents and Family
  • Implementation of our Evidence-Based Transition Off Supplement Program
  • Malnutrition and Weight Audits
  • Proactive Monthly Risk Monitoring & Response across Resident Population
  • Nutrition Impacts Audit against Site Quality Indicators & Star Ratings
  • Case Conferencing
  • Involvement in Consumer Advisory Boards and Food Focus Meetings
  • Training for Management, Nursing, Care, Lifestyle and Catering Staff
  • Unplanned Weight Policy Review/Development
  • Food and Nutrition Policy Review/Development
  • Review of Performance against the new Quality Standard 6
  • Menu and Mealtime Quality Assessments