Not sure what to expect when you come to see one of our dietitians?  This page is about giving you a flavour of what you can expect in a consultation. 

Firstly we are NOT the food police and we try our best to include all your favourite foods in your plan. 

Secondly, we are a friendly bunch of people who love food just as much as the next person. Some of us avoid cooking when we can, some of us have kids who are very fussy eaters, some of us have food intolerances, some of us have struggled with weight or health problems AND we are all humans who slip up and make mistakes. We are most certainly not here to judge! . Read more about the team here

So what actually happens when you come for an appointment with us? Well usually we cover one or all of the following:

  1. The truth about food: There is so much information on the internet about food and health and MOST of it is wrong. We can spend time giving you the truth about food and how it could impact your health.
  2. Practical swaps: This is the fun bit for us. This is where we can give you advice on what foods, which brands, how much, how often and when to eat. This is the stuff that makes your life easier (and improve your health at the same time – Win-Win).
  3. Motivation and changing habits: We don’t claim to be psychologists but we have stolen a few of their very effective techniques and strategies to increase your motivation and help you start healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Changing how and what you eat can have it’s challenges so having these extra tips in your back pocket make it much easier to get going.

A Dietitian is all about helping you to reach your goals – whether that be to reduce your cholesterol, manage your diabetes better, lose some weight, get rid of that bloated belly or just get more energy and feel more alive!

We are all registered with the Dietitians Australia and have the same ethics and legal responsibilities that your doctor and dentist have. We have a responsibility to provide advice and information that is backed by research and science. We also need to ensure that that we don’t advise you to do anything that will harm your health. And it is because of these restrictions that you won’t find us pushing fad diets or foods which we know won’t work. We want you to succeed and then tell your friends about us! ?

Other things you might want to know: