Through our collaboration with the Lantern Alliance, we have a team of experienced Accredited Practising Dietitians, Chefs and Dining Experience Experts set our menu review process apart from other dietitian practices.

We specialise in providing detailed, yet practical, menu and mealtime review services tailored for aged care facilities. We offer expert advice, guidance, and support to ensure your establishment aligns with the strengthened Aged Care Quality Standards, optimizing the dining experience for your residents and ensuring menu engineering involves meaningful partnering with residents for better outcomes.  

What does the Lantern Menu and Mealtime Dining Experience review process entail?

 Led by experienced Accredited Practising Dietitians through Lantern and My Nutrition Clinic, our assessments 5 key areas linked to improved outcomes – 1. Staff Input, 2. Food and Dining Experience Insights, 3. Resident Input and Feedback Review, 4. Food and Nutrition System Summary and the 5. Menu Assessment.

We evaluate the menu’s detail, variety, nutritional balance, alignment to resident preferences, in addition to it’s adherence to the new Quality Standards and the IDDSI framework. Our onsite mealtime dining experience audits cover aspects such as portion size, visual appeal, display, compliance with texture modification guidelines, and the texture modified diet alignment with planned menus. Additionally, we assess the overall dining experience, considering 60 different aspects of the experience including – ambiance, staff interaction, meal delivery, and resident satisfaction (a snapshot of what we do in the more comprehensive Epicure mealtime assessment).


Why choose Lantern for your mandated menu and mealtime review?

Our experienced team and pragmatic approach provides a practical report that translates into better outcomes for residents and the site. We measure impact and know the importance of looking at menus and dining experience in the context of an aged care home’s food and nutrition system. For a comprehensive menu and mealtime review that translates into practical recommendations with observable positive outcomes, get in touch with us today.  

Nutrition Champions Program

How do you upskill, embed and shift culture around food, nutrition and dining experience across your aged care organisation? Empower your staff through our Nutrition Champions Program. It’s an engaging and rewarding program for aged care staff, volunteers and community members. Participants are empowered to lead initiatives within their aged care home to identify areas of improvement around food, nutrition and dining experience. Our Nutrition Champions program works to establish a collaborative environment within your organisation to share ideas, troubleshoot challenges and raise the bar around the food, nutrition and dining experience in a sustainable and empowering way.