I’ve just been diagnosed with Coeliac Disease – What next?

Molly Warner, Gold Coast Dietitian

Molly Warner, Gastrointestinal and Intuitive Eating Dietitian

Hi I am Molly, from My Nutrition Clinic. I have Coeliac Disease. I know how overwhelming or even a shock this can be. Where to begin?  Let me help. 

There are a number of things that need to be done for someone with newly diagnosed Coeliac Disease. It’s a lifelong commitment to food, your body and your health.

  1. See a dietitian with an interest in Coeliac Disease for assistance with the Gluten Free diet. We’ll discuss and provide information on:
    • The pathophysiology of Coeliac Disease (what it is, how it works)
    • Label reading for a gluten free lifestyle – food, drink and beyond
    • Gluten free food products
    • Identifying contamination risk
    • Managing gut symptoms and other intolerances
    • Kitchen management
    • Eating out on a gluten free diet
    • Explaining your gluten free requirements to others
    • Managing school/work lunches
    • Coping with food envy
    • Ensuring adequate nutrition with a balanced gluten free diet
    • Recipes! Meal ideas! Practical tips and tricks for making life easier!
  2. Screen for nutrient deficiencies and associated conditions
  3. Connect with other people with Coeliac Disease’s for support – we’ll show you where
  4. Grocery store tour – discuss the options for this with Molly
  5. Mental health support – Research shows the burden of Coeliac Disease (Shar 2014) is greater than many other chronic conditions and support is needed.