Monthly Archives: December 2016

A NEAT secret to easy exercise

In the final part of our ‘mini-series’ about the pillars of successful weight management, Exercise Physiologist, Tobias Atkins has written about his easy approach to getting more physically activity! Tobias believes in combining education with movement and has supported countless clients to reach their weight management goals and health potential. Enjoy! Hi everyone, I want to […]

No More Dieting

  Hello, We hope you got a chance to have a look at Glenn Mackintosh’s YouTube channel – we think it’s a great way to get some free support. You will notice that the underlying approach he takes is one psychologists and dietitians (including us at My Nutrition Clinic) are gravitating towards – it’s called non-dieting. […]

The missing piece in the the weight management puzzle

There are 3 simple (but not easy) steps to achieving a healthy weight. If you have already seen one of our Dietitians in the clinic, you will have a pretty good idea of what to eat so we wanted to give you some information about getting into the right frame of mind for reaching a healthy weight. So it […]