Individualised Sports Nutrition

Get out what you put in!

Holly Charlton is an experienced and dedicated Sports Nutritionist and Accredited Sports Dietitian who will provide individualised sports nutrition assessment and strategies that will take your performance to a new level. Chose from the services listed below.

Individual Sports Assessment and Strategy : $220

  • Initial appointment to assess lifestyle, training, performance and body composition goals
  • Body composition assessment e.g. skin callipers
  • Computerised diet assessment to micronutrient level
  • Development of an individualised sports nutrition and hydration strategy
  • Individualised meal plan and recipes
  • Follow up appointment to educate on the plan

Injury Recovery Package: $349

4 appointments spread over 2 months which includes:

  • Monitoring of body composition
  • A nutrition plan that focuses on muscle recovering and regeneration
  • Monitoring and advice to reduce the accumulation of body fat during recovery

Assessment and Personalised Meal Plan: $110

Assessment and personalised meal plan

Suitable for motivated clients wanting to lose weight, gain muscle or optimise diet for training or health conditions e.g. diabetes, high cholesterol/blood pressure, IBS

Nutrition Plan Review and Body Composition Analysis: $80

Shorter appointment for body composition check and revised meal plan/advice.

This service is only available after an initial assessment or one of the packages to provide ongoing support for performance and body composition goals.

Body Composition Assessment: $40

Calipers calculate body fat by pulling fat away from muscle. This creates skinfolds. The calipers measure the folds’ lengths at different parts of the body. These measurements are used in combination with validated equations appropriate for your body and requirements. The results are an accurate measure of your body fat percentage.  While it’s possible to test yourself, it is recommended that a trained and certified professional performs this test.

Other Services

See a Dietitian

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced Dietitians who can see you in one of our private consultation rooms available at different locations across the southern Gold Coast

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Lectures and workshops delivered by the experts in nutrition. Come and hear the latest evidence and research in a number of specialist areas of nutrition and health.

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We service Australian aged care facilities and have provided exceptional aged care nutritional services for over 15 years.

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