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Are you part of a Gold Coast sports club or training group and want to get the performance edge through nutrition. You can choose from the range of sports nutrition seminars available below.

Seminars for groups start at $150/seminar. Group size is normally capped at 20 people. Discounts are available If you book more than 3 seminars together.

Seminars are delivered by Holly Charlton, Accredited Sports Dietitian.  For more information about Holly click here. 

Eating for body composition (weight loss, fat loss, muscle gain)

Nutrition holds the key to you achieving your optimum bodyweight and body composition. Learn the keys to eating for weight loss, the best foods for bulking, how to get lean while maintaining your energy and sustainable approaches to body composition. Whether you need a muscle building diet plan, or body fat loss for performance, this sports nutrition seminar will show you how to do it.

Eating for recovery

Recovery from training and games is essential to help you get back on the training track and in the gym; along with ensuring your body adapts and gets the fitness and strength gains you are seeking. This sports nutrition seminar will identify the nutrition behind recovery and the foods that can make it happen, along with muscle recovery supplements and recovery foods.


Want to know how to use supplements to take your performance to the next level? This workshop puts the microscope on sports supplements to identify which ones work, which ones don’t and how you can incorporate them into your program.

Developing a race/game day nutrition & hydration strategy

Don’t leave your performance to chance! How you perform in a game/event depends heavily on your training and nutrition. This seminar will show you how to develop an effective nutrition and hydration strategy to help you perform at your best, along with tips on how to optimize your recovery. This seminar includes strategies such as carb loading, pre-game meals, what to eat during your game/event and foods that maximise recovery.

Carbohydrate periodisation

Carbohydrates are an essential part of exercise and performance, the key is knowing how and when to use them to your advantage. Learn about different types of carbohydrates, when to use them, how much to have and how to periodise your carb intake for optimum performance and body composition.

Eating to fuel your body during training & pre-season

Pre-season training is where you make your fitness and strength improvements, with nutrition making this happen. Learn how to structure your nutrition during both pre-season and in season to maximise training, performance and body composition.

Sports nutrition basics for athletes and weekend warriors

Love to train, play and be active but don’t consider yourself elite? You still need to maximise nutrition to help you live an active lifestyle! Balancing work, family and sport commitments can be challenging. Learn some easy ways to improve your nutrition and hydration to give you more energy to do the things you love!

Optimize gut health for exercise performance

Research has shown the link between gut health and performance. For your body to be performing at its best, and for you to be getting the fitness benefits you want, you need to have a healthy gut. Learn what foods boost gut health and how these link to performance, illness and injury.

Eating for recovery and injury rehabilitation

Whether it is a muscle tear, bone fracture or tendon injury; nutrition can increase and assist your recovery, getting you active again sooner. This seminar will look at techniques to maximise recovery after training and games and how to eat to help your injuries heal as fast as possible.

Nutrition for strength & power sports

Building strength and power means training heavy and eating well. Learn what foods can help you build muscle and help you improve your strength and power in the gym and on the field. Ideal for lifters, sprinters, throwers and players of strength and power sport such as rugby and rugby league.

Endurance athlete nutrition

Endurance events push the body to its limits, and nutrition and hydration can be the limiting factor. This seminar will show you how to develop a nutrition strategy to ensure you are fuelled pre event, are receiving adequate nutrition and hydration during event to maximise your performance; and are recovering well. Includes information on supplements, electrolytes and training the gut.

Female athlete nutrition

Female athletes confront a number of unique challenges to perform at their best. Learn how to manage these challenges, maintain body composition, train and perform at your best all year round. Includes discussion on the female athlete triad and techniques to ensure health is not sacrificed for performance.

Nutrition for under 18 athletes

The demands on young athletes are immense, on and off the field. This seminar, designed for junior athletes and parents, identifies strategies to help keep athletes healthy, while performing well at their chosen sport along with their schooling. Includes a number of practical tips that you can implement at home immediately.

Boosting immunity

Getting sick compromises your training and performance. This seminar will show you how to create a nutrition plan to stop you getting sick by using immune boosting foods and ensuring your body is getting all of the nutrients it needs. Also includes tips on preparing for travel, extreme conditions and demanding schedules.

Pre, during and post exercise strategies

Don’t leave your progress to chance! This seminar will show you how to develop an effective nutrition and hydration strategy to help you get the results you want, along with tips on how to optimize your recovery. This seminar includes strategies such as carb loading, what to eat pre and post workout and how to maximise your training.

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