Corporate Health and Wellness

Whether your company already has a wellness plan in place or you are considering starting a program, My Nutrition Clinic dietitians can help. We are experienced in motivating staff to improve their health through our nutrition programs.

Our dietitians can conduct programs that specifically meet the needs of your staff.

Group Wellness Workshops

Group Wellness Workshops – Interactive staff health seminars to help motivate your staff to make positive changes to their health. We offer a range of workshop sessions and can tailor topics to suit staff demographics.

Practical workshops

Practical Workshops – Supermarket tours, home pantry makeovers and healthy food preparation demonstrations are available.

Individual employee consultations

Individual Employee Consultations – One-on-one consultations with staff to provide individually tailored nutritional advice.

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We have a team of highly skilled and experienced Dietitians who can see you in one of our private consultation rooms available at different locations across the southern Gold Coast

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We service Australian aged care facilities and have provided exceptional aged care nutritional services for over 15 years.

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Reduce sickness absence and increase productivity through a healthy and happy workforce. Our team can help to motivate and guide your teams to get fit and healthy!

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Lectures and workshops delivered by the experts in nutrition. Come and hear the latest evidence and research in a number of specialist areas of nutrition and health.

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