Holly Charlton

Sports and performance dietitian

Holly Charlton, Sports Dietitian

Consultations with Holly will include an analysis of your current diet and approach to food and provide a sports nutrition strategy that suits you, your unique goals and habits. By having your own, individually designed plan you will be able to perform at a new level, whether it be physically, cognitively or in your general life. Many people undersell the ability of nutrition to improve weight, boost energy, increase endurance, strength and power, reduce fatigue, sharpen thinking, elevate productivity, improve concentration and add years to your life. This is just the beginning of what food can do.

How I can help….

How sports nutrition can help you:

  • Increase lean muscle

  • Drop body fat and achieve your target weight

  • Develop hydration and recovery strategies

  • Pre-game, during game and post game nutrition and hydration

  • Nutrition plans for endurance training and events

  • Supplement plans to support training and performance

A bit about me..

Holly is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Sports Dietitian interested in sport and fitness nutrition focusing towards food allergy and intolerance and, eating disorders (& disordered eating). She is passionate about educating and empowering individuals through nutrition, seeking to fully understand each person’s unique nutrition situation. Drawing on her knowledge and experience working with various athletes and sport teams, Holly works with each client to achieve their desired health, fitness and athletic goals.

annaHolly Charlton, Sports Dietitian