Gastrointestinal Dietitians

Accredited Practising Dietitians from My Nutrition Clinic

Aloysa Hourigan

Gastrointestinal disease and eating disorders

Molly Warner

Coeliac Disease, Gut Health and IBS

How I can help….

A gastrointestinal Dietitian is an expert in nutrition and can give practical strategies to manage symptoms and strengthen your gut biome.

Conditions that a Gastrointestinal dietitian can help with:

  • Inflammatory bowel disease e.g Crohns, Ulcerative colitis

  • Chronic diarrhoea and constipation

  • IBS and low FODMAP diets

  • Reflux and Barratt’s oesophagus

  • Diverticular disease

  • Liver disease and pancreatitis

  • Coeliac Disease

Aloysa Hourigan, Accredited Practising Dietitian

Aloysa has over 20 years experience as a Dietitian and has worked for Nutrition Australia and running her own private practice in Brisbane. In addition to her dietetic qualifications Aloysa has a Graduate Diploma in Counselling from the Queensland University of Technology.

Having a counselling qualification alongside expertise in nutrition and food has led Aloysa to focus on the area of eating disorders and has a great deal of compassion and experience providing support for long-term recovery. Aloysa sees clients with eating disorders both in Robina Private Hospital and in our clinic. Having 20 years working in private practice and with Nutrition Australia has given Aloysa extensive experience helping clients manage the symptoms of a wide range of gastrointestinal disorders leading to improvements in quality of life and stronger gut health.

Aloysa has a great passion for food and for all things associated with the social pleasure of eating and its impact on health.

Molly Warner, Accredited Practising Dietitian

Molly is an Accredited Practising Dietitian who uses nutrition therapy to improve health, comfort and happiness. Molly lives with Coeliac disease herself and she really “gets it” in terms of living with uninvited dietary restrictions. Molly’s personal experience has led to her professional interest in gut health and the impact it can have on almost all aspects of health including the immune system, mental health and chronic and autoimmune diseases. Molly is a certified FODMAP dietitian through Monash University and a trained ‘Microba’ gut microbiome practitioner. She is also trained in motivational interviewing and the non-diet approach and she uses these approaches daily in the clinic and in a group program called ‘My Health for Life’.

Because of these skills, Molly is our preferred practitioner for anyone who is ready to ditch ‘dieting’ and try a health-focused approach to achieve a better relationship with food.

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